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Custom configurations for high availability and high volume/performance installations are available as custom quotes.

Liferay Certified Management and Security Performance Hardening
24x7x365 Emergency Response

All of our packages come standard with Liferay Community Edition (CE). Enterprise Edition (EE) available on request.

Epsilon level service


For enterprise and business-critical applications, or where comprehensive administrative control is required. Fully customizable.

$169.99/mo BEST VALUE!

Comprehensive control and dedicated computing power for custom development, sandbox or production, and hosting parallel services. Full root access; can be scaled for high-availability, high-performance clustering and fault-tolerant configurations. Customized for specific needs.

  • Supports multiple 1000s of visitors
  • 100s of concurrent authenticated users
  • Can provide over 50K page views per day
  • Run multiple Liferay/JVMs in parallel
  • Firewalls and Active Intrusion Protection
  • Can be stacked for DB, cluster, SOLR, etc.
  • Dedicated OS - Ubuntu 14 Server LTS (CentOS, or RHEL available)
  • 2+ Cores at 2.3Ghz+ Fully Reserved
  • 4GB+ Memory (OS)
  • OpenJDK and OracleJDK Supported
  • 250GB+ Dedicated File Storage
  • Dedicated Production-ready MySQL 5.5 Database Server
  • Scales Vertically and Horizontally
  • Fully portable and distributable

EPSILON $169.99/mo
No Obligation 30-day Free Trial
Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Cancel Anytime

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Site Name
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Delta level service

DELTA Server

A dedicated installation with full Liferay Administrator control, support for custom plugins, and capacity for workgroup-sized user loads.


This environment is great for production-ready installations or to deploy pretested custom plugins. The environment is designed to support 20-50 concurrent authenticated users and it includes full Portal Administrator control, but not direct OS or MySQL root-level access.  

  • Supports multiple 100s to 1000s of visitors
  • For 20-50 concurrent authenticated users
  • Can provide over 40K page views per day
  • Private Liferay instance with dedicated file repository and db schema
  • Supports custom plugins and customizations
  • Security Hardend & Performance Tuned
  • Firewalls and Active Intrusion Protection
  • High Performance Multi-Core Enterprise Server managed exclusively by Omegabit
  • High Performance Dedicated Java VM
  • 2GB+ JVM Memory
  • 50GB+ Dedicated File Storage
  • Production-ready MySQL 5.5 Database Server
  • Easily upgraded to scale
  • Fully portable and distributable

DELTA: $39.99/mo
No Obligation 30-day Free Trial
Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Cancel Anytime

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Site Name
DNS/Hostname or *


Gamma level service

GAMMA Server

Liferay, out-of-the-box. Great as a try out, for small group collaboration and basic use cases. Some functional and administrative limitations apply.


Build your own interactive website and community portal space for 10-20 concurrent users in our multi-tenant environment. This is best for using Liferay as-is, and supports most standard Liferay plugins. Does not support custom plugins or multiple instances.

  • Rich CMS, document management and social capabilities
  • Great for 10-20 concurrent users
  • Designed to support 100s of visitors
  • Supports up to 30K page views per day
  • Private Liferay Instance in a multi-tenant Liferay installation
  • Security Hardend & Performance Tuned
  • Firewalls and Active Intrusion Protection
  • High Performance Multi-Core Enterprise Server managed exclusively by Omegabit
  • 20GB Dedicated File Storage
  • Production-Ready MySQL Database Server
  • Limited to Liferay inline export/import for migration or upgrade
  • No access to Server Administration 

GAMMA: $19.99/mo
No Obligation 30-day Free Trial
Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Cancel Anytime

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Select your Liferay version:
Site Name
DNS/Hostname or *


Omegabit Hosting

Ease of Setup and Configuration

We have turnkey Liferay solutions geared for novice to expert, and a path between. Need Apache-in front?  SAML setup? Special Properties? We've got you covered.

Security at Every Level

Liferay is not secure out of the box. At Omegabit we make sure your installations and backend infrastructure are secure before they are activated. All of our operations are considerate of security all the way through the stack, including the network, cloud servers and core infrastructure, host operating environments, Liferay, MySQL, and all of the underlying services.  

We don't just hand you the keys, we are your active partner in security and performance! Your environment is hosted in our private, SOC-2 certified and PCI-compliant facilities and installed using hardened software configuraitons. We block threats like Heartbleed and Shellshock before the word has even spread. We operate active intrusion protection and prevention, perform regular penetration testing and scanning, respond immediately to known published threats, and actively maintain and improve security measures of our environments to ensure protection against the evolving threats on the Internet. Your security is our security.

Expert Support

Get technical support for your Community and Enterprise Edition installation from the only hosting provider that is Certified and staffed with professionals with a deep background of experience implementing and hosting Liferay.


We manage a broader range of installations than any other infrastructure provider, and manage them down to the application's "bones". If something is going to break, we've probably seen it before and have a solution. And, if we can't fix an issue, we're as close to the source as you get to find more help. 

Save with Us

Whether you require standard hosting, advanced administration and Professional Services, or Enterprise Edition licensing, let us demonstrate to you how we can save you money. Our flexible pricing also makes it easy to grow into a larger footprint with confidence and cost-control.

Better Performance

Get happier users and lower costs with better performance. Our installations are tuned and optimized from the hardware infrastructure up, specifically to give the fastest possible portal performance. If you are operating a high-volume or high-performance commercial or enterprise-class application, we can provide tuning and optimization services that will translate directly to faster page loads, more users per footprint, and lower EE licensing costs and TCO.

Still not sure how to choose?

Check out this handy Selection Guide to help inform your choice.

Have questions? Contact Us. Looking for some information to print or share? Check out our Resources in PDF format.

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Featuring Liferay 6.2 CE (Enterprise
Edition* and previous versions available on request)

Unlimited User Accounts

Unlimited Liferay Communities & Sites

Unlimited Virtual Hosts & Friendly URLs

Unlimited Liferay Instances


Liferay Instance Control Panel Access

Liferay Server Administrator Control Panel Access


OS and MySQL (root) Administrator Privileges


Includes Default Liferay Plug-ins

Marketplace Plug-ins Installed On-Request

Install Your Own Marketplace or Custom Plug-ins


Storage, CPU & Memory

All packages include production MySQL Database Server

250GB+ File Storage
2+ Dedicated CPUs
4GB+ Dedicated Memory*

50GB+ File Storage
Dedicated CPU
2GB+ Dedicated Memory*

20GB File Storage
Shared Multi-Core
Enterprise Server

Cluster, High Performance & High-Availability Capable


Apache Web Server Capable*


Mail, DNS, other Internet Services Capable**


SSL cert installed on request*


Dedicated Database Schema


Dedicated Liferay Application Server


Dedicated Operating System^


Supports Liferay Import & Export

Completely Isolated Portable Environment Container


24x7 Monitoring, On-site Network Administration & Security

Redundant Storage, Regular Backups & Off Site Disaster Recovery

Always Upgradeable to Another Tier

*fees may apply for additional resources, please contact us **depending upon selection of host operating system ^many platforms supported; OS license fees may apply




Enterprise Edition Support

When you purchase Enterprise Edition with a Support Subscription, you get direct access to Liferay's engineering-grade Technical Support team to help troubleshoot, support, and provide custom hotfixes for the Liferay framework. Liferay Support is invaluable for custom, large-scale, and high performance installations to help address mission critical problems direct from the source. You also get access to Liferay's exceptional Developer Studio tools, resources, and training collateral reserved only for EE subscribers.  

When purchasing Enterprise Edition with us, we also become your Tier-I support provider. This can help cut down substantially on your team's support overhead. Our experienced, professional staff help you to trap and document issues, manage your Liferay support communications, and gather necessary information so that you can get problems resolved swiftly and efficiently.

Learn more about Enterprise Edition >>>

For more information on Liferay Enterprise Edition Support Subscription options, Contact Us.

Bandwidth Utilization Policy

Our network operates on a co-op principle. Our hosting facility has multiple carrier-class (OC) connections to the Internet and we do not throttle or limit the throughput of your system by default. Our carriers charge us for the average of peak 95 percentile of our traffic (aka "burstable billing"). In this co-op model our clients typically enjoy performance that is well beyond the practical limits of a standard hosting agreement by sharing a larger pipe, collectively. What this means is that peak traffic to your site can spike substantially beyond any practical limit for brief periods with no impact on cost to you.

We plan for a certain amount of bandwidth to be utilized by our installations, on average, over time. Our packages scale up or down accordingly. We do monitor usage trends for our installations. If your system is consistently using a disproportionate amount of co-op bandwidth for your subscription tier, we may opt to offer you additional guaranteed sustained throughput at a competitive market rate, or to throttle the overall throughput of your system to meet or exceed your minimum guaranteed throughput -at your discretion. We'll always work with you to make an informed decision that is business and cost justified, and competitively priced.

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Hosting Service Level Agreement Summary

We support Liferay including the application layer, like no other hosting provider.

Unlike most hosting providers, we manage and support the entire application service layer as well as the OS and network. That means our performance tuning, security hardening, technical support, monitoring and response are comprehensive and applied at every layer of the infrastructure.

Technical Support and Response Times

Our primary support role is to ensure a stable and reliable environment, to monitor for signs of trouble and to provide assistance with issues like plugin deploys and configuration adjustments.  

We monitor for and respond to outages 24x7x365 with a response time of 4hrs or less. Our infrastructure is highly redundant to help protect against unplanned outages at the physical layer, and we will work with you to ensure a similarly stable logical configuration to the best of our abilities. We do not assume responsibility for outages due to customizations or modifications to the system; for example, if a custom plugin causes breakage to the portal, our recommendation will be to uninstall the plugin. 

If a higher level of resilience is required, a clustered configuration is recommended. Contact Us for more information. 

Examples of Limits of Support

Our standard Liferay Hosting Support Includes*:

  • Base installation, configuration, and tuning
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and emergency response
  • Backups and disaster recovery management and execution
    • Comprehensive OS runtime container backups
    • Disaster recovery and recovery rollback to point-in-time snapshots included
  • Assistance with drop-in patches, upgrades and modifications to the runtime environments.
  • Regular OS patching and maintenance administration
    • Periodic log cleanups
    • Server restarts, incremental (minor release) upgrades including non-Liferay automated-patching using OS auto-update facilities
    • Server restarts in the event of unknown issues like unexplained high utilization, atypical behavior necessitating a restart
  • General Liferay support on feature behaviors and "out of the box" configuration settings
  • Troubleshooting and resolving runtime issues

*Note: Additional fees apply to manage changes in a clustered or multi-host configuration, non-standard Liferay configurations, or which require special coordination.  

Examples of work that will typically require additional Professional Services billable time:

  • Ongoing administrative support for sandboxing
  • Advanced change management support
  • Major patching and upgrade support
  • Environment customizations for proprietary operations and functionally
  • Custom performance tuning and optimization, load testing, predictive analysis
  • Identity management integration and support
  • Developer logistics support
  • Architecture and scale planning

Backups & Disaster Recovery

We run incremental backups of all systems daily, regular offsite archives, and maintain a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure that your data and investment is safe and secure in our highly redundant and fault tolerant, Liferay-optimized private cloud infrastructure.

For more information regarding scope of support, please Contact Us.

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