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Content Management (CMS)

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Our hosted portals can simplify communications for your users, improve access to critical information from virtually any networked device, and consolidate a mix of Web facing technologies into a single comprehensive, secure interface.


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Your portal comes complete: easy, drag-and-drop site building tools, multi-language and multi-location support, staging, versioning and more. . .

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Liferay Portal - Community Information Center

Fully Integrated CMS

Your portal includes a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) built directly into the framework.  The Liferay CMS makes quick work of managing content with virutally any combination of freeform WYSIWYG tools and template-based forms.  Styles can be managed through themes, portlet specific controls, and complete CSS overrides.  The CMS also supports staging and version control, as well as approval workflows.  This entire site is built and managed via the Liferay CMS. 

The CMS includes a complete set of tools to manage site content and to create libraries of reusable images, documents, dynamic blocks and other elements: 

  • Asset Publisher
  • Breadcrumb
  • Document Library
  • Document Library Display
  • Image Gallery
  • Journal
  • Journal Content
  • Journal Content Search

  • My Community Tags
  • My Global Tags
  • Navigation
  • Recent Documents
  • Site Map
  • Tags Admin
  • XSL Content