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Servicios Profesionales

Omegabit ofrece una gama completa de servicios profesionales. Desde soporte para Enterprise Edition hasta servicios de prueba de carga personales, Escalamiento y optimización del rendimiento, podemos manejar todo, ahorrándole tiempo y dinero.



Development Lifecycle, Change Management & Automation

Development Lifecycle and Change Management iconFor Liferay implementations that evolve over time or are regularly updated, automating change management can reduce administrative overhead and help ensure a consistent and repeatable result with each deploy.  

We are experienced Liferay developers and can help you to establish sustainable controls and practices to help manage code pushes, staging and testing, rolling outages, and other change management workflows. Let your developers focus on development! We can help with:

  • Code repository integration and management
  • Push automation, nightly builds, team sandboxes, environment syncs and resets
  • Ant, Maven, and similar build tool integration
  • Team collaboration and issue tracking
  • IDE setup

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