We Are The #1 Liferay Certified Hosting Specialists.
No generic hosting here - we're THE Liferay Certified Hosting Provider. We know Liferay inside and out.  Our environments are hand-tuned and come with more dedicated memory - more CPU - more storage - and more bandwidth providing the best value and performance available. Our bundles are designed to meet the needs of most any organization.  Need high performance or high availability infrastructure?  We've got you covered.  We deal with maintenance, backups, monitoring and performance tuning so that you can focus on building your Liferay.

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Omegabit Value Proposition

Omegabit is the largest provider of managed LIferay installations in operation. We've worked hard to earn recognition as the only fully-trained and Certified Hosting Partner recommended directly by Liferay. The feedback we get most frequently from customers that have switched to us is that we are able to provide an unmatched level of support and wherewithal concerning Liferay operations and provide excellent customer service - your satisfaction is truly our highest priority. The broad variance of installations we manage in terms of shape, size, type of implementation, patterns of usage, etc., gives us a unique purview into the behaviors and idiosyncrasies of Liferay. Where most providers typically draw the line: whether or not the host is responding, is only where we get started. Our value add is in being able to anticipate, troubleshoot, support, and make recommendations concerning the performance and stability of your Liferay installation like no other provider can.

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 Omegabit is U.S. - EU Safe Harbor Self Certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce

World-Class Operations

We are very proud of our world-class, PCI-I compliant hosting facilities designed for global performance, high availability and security.  We feature:

  • Liferay Trained and Certified Personnel
  • Privately Owned and Operated, Liferay Optimized Cloud Infrastructure
  • Turnkey Solutions for Any Application - We Also Custom Build to Suit
  • Professional Network Monitoring and Response 
  • U.S. EU & U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Certified, PCI-I compliant and SAS 70/SSAE 16 - SOC 2 audit capable
  • Modern Enterprise Class HP Server and VMWare ESXi Technology
  • Redundant Firewalls and Active Intrusion Protection
  • Redundant, N+1 Power, Cooling, and Network Interconnects
  • Carrier Redundant Facility w/Direct Cross connects to: SBC, Qwest, TWTC, O1, Broadwing and more
  • Fault-tolerant APC APUs + Commercial Generator Backup "continuous" Power
  • Global Performance Response Time Monitoring
  • 24x7x365 Emergency Response and On-premises Attendance
  • Biometric Facilities Security
  • Enhanced Fire Suppression (VESDA & other measures)
  • Seismic Rack Mount Protection
  • Separate Physical Fiber Entrances
  • All of Our Systems Include Redundant Filesystems, Regular Backups, Liferay-specific Monitoring and 24hr Emergency Response
  • Dedicated Hardware Available
Serious Hosting for Serious Portals

"You get what you pay for."

The old adage is true!   The simple fact is that adequate memory + cpu and a true production database can make or break any Liferay experience.

When comparing hosting providers, be sure to read the fine print.  Some will have you think a tiny virtual server and generic Liferay installation are sufficient for everyday use. We know better and you should too!  

We are a Certified Liferay Hosting Provider and Enterprise Edition Reseller.  Our Liferay installations include a minimum of 1GB+ of memory, gobs of storage, regular backups, production-safe MySQL db, and we operate from a PCI-I compliant facility on multiple intercontinental carrier-grade connections to the Internet.  

If you're as serious about your LIferay as we are, you're going to love Omegabit Liferay Hosting!

We've Got Bigger Pipes

Our bandwidth utilization operates on a co-op principle. Our hosting facility has multiple carrier-class (OC) connections to the Internet and we do not throttle or limit the throughput of your system by default. What this means is that peak traffic to your site can spike substantially beyond any practical limit for brief periods with no impact on cost to you. In this co-op model our clients typically enjoy performance that is well beyond the practical limits of a standard hosting agreement by sharing a larger pipe, collectively.

GAMMA Server • 1X for Communities



FREE 30 Day No-Obligation Trial


Perfect for clubs, churches, contractors, bands, individuals, independent businesses,  professionals, anyone  -build your very own interactive Web site and community portal space:


  • Great for 10-20 concurrent users under heavy load (unmetered, approx.)
  • Designed to support 100's of visitors and 103•X page views per day
  • Private Liferay Instance
  • High Performance Multi-Core Enterprise Server
  • 20GB Dedicated File Storage
  • Production-Ready MySQL Database Server





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  30-day free trial, 
      $24.99/mo thereafter

DELTA Server • 2X for Business



One-Time $75 Setup Waived with 3 Month Commitment


Perfect for larger communities, small to mid-sized businesses, developers, resellers  -start your own Liferay portal developer or hosting business with us to support you:


  • Great for 20-50 concurrent users under heavy load (unmetered, approx.)
  • Designed to support multiple 100's-1000's of visitors and 104•X page views per day
  • Private Liferay Instance
  • High Performance Dedicated Java VM with 2GB+ Memory
  • 50GB+ Dedicated File Storage
  • Production-Ready MySQL Database Server





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  $134.97/1st 3 months,
      $44.99/mo thereafter

  $119.99/1st month,
      $44.99/mo thereafter

EPSILON Server • 10X for Enterprise



One-Time $500 Setup Waived with 6 Month Commitment



Perfect for resellers and small enterprise installations, may be scaled for high-availability clustering and fault tolerant configurations:


  • Great for 100's of concurrent users under heavy load (unmetered, approx.)
  • Designed to support multiple 1000's of visitors and over 50K page views per day
  • Dedicated OS on 2+ Core Environment with 4GB+ Memory
  • High Performance Dedicated Java VM
  • 250GB+ Dedicated File Storage
  • Dedicated Production-Ready MySQL Database Server

High availability and high volume configurations are also available.  Call us to learn more at 877-411-2220.



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   $1079.94/1st 6 months,
       $179.99/mo thereafter

  $679.99/1st month,
      $179.99/mo thereafter


Compare Our Features




Featuring Liferay 6.x GA  or 5.2.3 CE (Enterprise Edition* and previous versions available on request)

Unlimited User Accounts

Unlimited Liferay Communities

Unlimited Virtual Hosts & Friendly URLs

Liferay Administrator Privileges

Includes Default Liferay Plug-ins

Community Plug-ins Installed On-Request

Install Your Own Community or Custom Plug-ins


Access to Server Administration Control Panels


Unlimited Instances


Storage, CPU & Memory

All packages include production MySQL Database Server

20GB File Storage
Shared Multi-Core Enterprise Server

50GB+ File Storage
Dedicated CPU
2GB+ Dedicated Memory*

250GB+ File Storage
2+ Dedicated CPUs
4GB+ Dedicated Memory*

Apache Web Server Capable*


Mail, DNS, other Internet Services Capable**


Host OS System Administrator (root) Access


SSL cert installed on request*


Dedicated Database Schema


Dedicated Liferay Application Server


Dedicated Operating System^


Supports Liferay Import & Export

Completely Isolated Portable Environment Container


24x7 Monitoring, On-site Network Administration & Security

Redundant Storage & Regular Backups

Always Upgradeable to Another Tier!

*fees may apply for additional resources, please contact us **depending upon selection of host operating system ^many platforms supported; OS license fees may apply

We are extremely proud to specialize in Liferay enterprise portal hosting.  

Call or email us to learn why Liferay solutions provides outstanding flexibility, cost efficiency, performance, and stability.  Liferay is Enterprise.  Open Source.  For Life!