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Experience matters. Dedicated Liferay Community Edition and Enterprise Edition hosting since 2008. Liferay optimized private cloud infrastructure. Liferay Certified service and technical support. Liferay aware monitoring. Proud sponsors of the 2014 Liferay Symposium. Performance tuning, scale and capacity planning, identity management integration, 24x7x365 emergency response, intrusion protection, regular maintenance, immediate response to threats like heartbleed and bash shellshock. ​


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Boutique Service

Enterprise Infrastructure

Omegabit is a full service managed hosting provider, specializing in Liferay runtime operations, optimization and support.


Not All Hosting Providers are the Same

Omegabit Cloud is differentThere is a difference between operating Liferay, and operating Liferay well. We optimize for every release, configure according to Liferay best practices, and we've got many options for acceleration and tuning depending on your use case.


Boutique Service Matters

Omegabit offers boutique service with enterprise support.Ever stumbled on an unbelievably nice hotel, that was surprisingly well-priced and exceeded your every expectation? The analogy of a boutique hotel works to help describe your experience with us. We strive to do the same for your Liferay accommodations. We are focused on providing the best Liferay hosting and backend operations, so that you can focus on building your portal experience. We tailor-build to suit and can meet most any requirement.


We are Your Liferay Concierge

Omegabit service is a concierge service.We are your Liferay concierge service. Our prebuilt containers are just right for most installations. They are tidy, secure, and well organized. But, should you have special requirements, tell us about your needs and we'll make it happen. We can get the job done right, saving you money, time, and hassles.



Consider the Variables

The variables with your Liferay site matter.Liferay performs well under a variety of conditions. How you set up and apply Liferay, what it is utilized for, and the environment it operates in can all impact scale and performance. Our experts will assist you to find the best balance between cost and benefit. We'll work with you to evaluate your specific needs, so that you can make an informed decision about your infrastructure requirements.

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Select the hosting service level that best suits your needs to learn more.

Professional Services and custom configurations for high availability and high volume/performance installations are available as custom quotes.

Epsilon level service


For enterprise, custom,
and multitenant installations.

For enterprise and business-critical applications, where comprehensive administrative control is required. May be scaled horizontally and/or vertically for high-availability, high performance clustering, and fault-tolerant configurations.

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Delta level service

DELTA Server

For larger communities,
mid-size businesses,
and organizations.

Get a dedicated Liferay installation with full Liferay Administrator control, support for custom plugins, and capacity for workgroup-sized user loads.

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Gamma level service

GAMMA Server

For Clubs, Special Interest,
and Individuals

Liferay, out-of-the-box. Perfect for clubs, churches, contractors, bands, individuals, independent business professionals. Will support 10-20 concurrent users. Some functional and administrative limitations apply.

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