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Clouds are Not All the Same 

There are many reasons why you should do the research before you host your Liferay installation in a generic cloud. See for yourself why the Omegabit Cloud is different and why it pays to check out any hosting service you plan to use.

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Liferay Certified Management and Security Performance Hardening
24x7x365 Emergency Response

All of our packages come standard with Liferay Community Edition 7.x (CE).
DXP (the Enterprise Edition) available on request.

Custom configurations for high availability and high volume/performance installations are available as custom quotes.

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Featuring Liferay CE (DXP / Enterprise
Edition* and previous versions available on request)

Unlimited User Accounts

Unlimited Liferay Communities & Sites

Unlimited Liferay Instances

Liferay Instance Control Panel Access

Liferay Server Administrator Control Panel Access

OS and MySQL (root) Administrator Privileges


Includes Default Liferay Plug-ins

Marketplace Plug-ins Installed On-Request

Install Your Own Marketplace or Custom Plug-ins

Storage, CPU & Memory

All packages include production MySQL Database Server

250GB+ File Storage
2+ Dedicated CPUs
4GB+ Dedicated Memory*

50GB+ File Storage
Dedicated CPU
2GB+ Dedicated Memory*

Cluster, High Performance & High-Availability Capable


Apache Web Server Capable*


Mail, DNS, other Internet Services Capable**


SSL cert installed on request*

Dedicated Database Schema

Dedicated Liferay Application Server

Dedicated Operating System^


Supports Liferay Import & Export

Completely Isolated Portable Environment Container

24x7 Monitoring, On-site Network Administration & Security

Redundant Storage, Regular Backups & Off Site Disaster Recovery

Always Upgradeable to Another Tier

*fees may apply for additional resources, please contact us **depending upon selection of host operating system ^many platforms supported; OS license fees may apply

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