Liferay Portal is for Life!
Advertisement-free Content Management, get Social with Wikis Blogs and Message Board Forums, Share Documents, Public & Private Spaces, Unlimited Users & Communities and much more.  Get started today! - Watch the Latest How-to Videos & Visit Our New Theme Gallery for more great ideas . . . 

Why Liferay Portal . . .

Our managed portals can be used to mash all sorts of content into one convenient site; traditional Web pages, secure documents, social communities, personalized content --it's instant Web 2.0 for you!  

Style and structure your Liferay anyway you want with many pre-built themes to choose from.  The Content Management System is perfect for keeping your site fresh, sharing files, and managing collections of assets.  Use the built-in editor for easy visual editing of content or, drop in custom HTML, AJAX, or Flash for a completely custom look.

Your portal also comes complete with comprehensive Social features including Wikis, Blogs, and Message Boards to help engage and interconnect your users -use these tools to build value around your site.  Then use popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to promote links back to you.  Posts to these sites can show up in your Liferay automatically. It's great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! 

You also get remote access tools for eMail, remote desktop control, file sharing and more.  Got people in the field? Our portals are a fantastic alternative to VPN for remote file sharing and collaboration.  They are faster, easier, more secure, and more accessible when you need to get to critical information on the road.  

To learn more check out our Portlet Gallery . . .

  for Clubs & Organizations

  • Share Files, Message Boards, Organize Committees

  • Promote Your Community

  • Organize Events & Fundraisers

  • Calendars & Meetups

  • Post Pictures

  for Business

  • Secure Sharing for Clients & Partners

  • Social Feeds Keep Everyone Informed

  • Built-in Shopping Cart & eCommerce

  • Public and Private Spaces for Brand, Intranet, and Extranet Sites

  • Complements Existing Sites

  for Personal & Special Interest

  • Private Storage and Invitation-Only Spaces You Control

  • Create Private Label Promo Sites for Any Purpose -No Ads, No Restrictions

  • Use a Pre-Built Theme or Create Your Own

  • Add and Update Content On-The-Fly

  for Social

  • Includes Built-In Hooks for Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more

  • Create a Central Private Label Space for All Your Blogs, Wikis, Forums, and Galleries

  • Push Content Outward and Make Social Link Back to YOU!

  • Supports Trackbacks

We are extremely proud to specialize in Liferay enterprise portal hosting.  

Call or email us to learn why Liferay solutions provides outstanding flexibility, cost efficiency, performance, and stability.  Liferay is Enterprise.  Open Source.  For Life!

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