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Liferay Load Testing, Performance Tuning & Optimization

Development Lifecycle and Change Management iconWe specialize in performance-tuned Liferay and guarantee to provide the most performance optimized Liferay hosting experience, out-of-the-box.

Large-scale, high-performance, and custom implementations can be further optimized by custom-tuning your Liferay. We offer a variety of services to help optimize installations that need to squeeze every ounce out of the stack including:

  • Load testing and tuning for specific use cases to determine bottlenecks and opportunities to tune at all layers of the application (OS, DB, JVM, transactional logic, service dependencies, etc.).
  • Custom plugin, Liferay caching and service layer transaction tuning (source-code-aware/engineering-level).
  • Predictive analysis, scale, and capacity planning:  Know what your application will handle before it falls over. Also, how and where you can turn up the dials to accommodate growth.
  • Architecture and design consulting for transaction optimization, accelerator strategies (e.g., Varnish), distributed caching (e.g., Terracotta), memory management, etc.

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