Liferay and Docker

There are two truths about Docker and Liferay:  

  1. Docker is awesome and has enormous potential to streamline the change management workflow and help avoid “stupid human errors” when managing a complex Liferay implementation—assuming it is used correctly.  
  2. And, it is yet another layer of abstraction.  

From a soup-to-nuts perspective, it will take more environment-aware administration and planning, and more specialized wherewithal than generic cloud hosting providers can accommodate. That is why using Omegabit as your Liferay hosting specialists can help save you time and money, and result in a better Docker implementation vs. rolling your out own in a generic public cloud.  

Let Omegabit absorb the legwork, upkeep and cost, and provide you with over 10 years of Liferay managed services experience, plus a faster, more secure private Liferay-optimized cloud infrastructure for a better outcome with lower TCO vs. generic cloud service providers.

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