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Bandwidth Utilization Policy

Our network operates on a co-op principle. Our hosting facility has multiple carrier-class (OC) connections to the Internet and we do not throttle or limit the throughput of your system by default. Our carriers charge us for the average of peak 95 percentile of our traffic (aka "burstable billing"). In this co-op model our clients typically enjoy performance that is well beyond the practical limits of a standard hosting agreement by sharing a larger pipe, collectively. What this means is that peak traffic to your site can spike substantially beyond any practical limit for brief periods with no impact on cost to you.

We plan for a certain amount of bandwidth to be utilized by our installations, on average, over time. Our packages scale up or down accordingly.

We do monitor usage trends for our installations. If your system is consistently using a disproportionate amount of co-op bandwidth for your subscription tier, we may opt to offer you additional guaranteed sustained throughput at a competitive market rate, or to throttle the overall throughput of your system to meet or exceed your minimum guaranteed throughput - at your discretion.

We'll always work with you to make an informed decision that is business and cost justified, and competitively priced.

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