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Liferay DXP

Liferay Expert Support

Get technical support for your Liferay 7.x or DXP installation from the only hosting provider that is Liferay Certified and staffed by professionals with a deep background of experience implementing and hosting Liferay.

Omegabit technicians are trained to provide timely troubleshooting and resolution of issues. When you contact us regarding an outage, a technical question or for assistance with a technical decision, our main priority is to answer your questions fully and resolve any issues. We care about you as our customers.

Our infrastructure is highly redundant to help protect against unplanned outages at the physical layer, and we will work with you to ensure a similarly stable logical configuration to the best of our abilities. We do not assume responsibility for outages due to customizations or modifications to the system; for example, if a custom plugin causes breakage to the portal, our recommendation will be to uninstall the plugin.

Many questions can be answered by visiting the Omegabit FAQs.


Submit support issues via email to:


Urgent support issues may be addressed by calling 877-411-2220 and press 2 for operator assistance or 805-265-5408 (International).

We monitor for and respond to outages 24x7x365 with a response time of 4hrs or less.Whenever you call you can be assured you'll reach a live person and not be forwarded into an endless automated phone tree.

To help us resolve your technical issue in a timely manner, include the following information in your email or phone call:

  • Your Name and Company and or Site Name
  • Contact information
  • Explain the issue in full detail, including any steps you may have taken to attempt remediating the problem yourself
  • Any previous or recurring issues that may be related to the problem
  • Any other information that may pertain to the problem or assist us in diagnosing the issue

Professional Services

For information regarding Paid Professional Services, please submit an email to or use this form to Contact Us

Billing and Account Support

For account or billing inquiries please email

Omegabit customers who signed up for automatic payments through PayPal will be automatically charged each month on the same date you originally signed up.

For all other accounts, you'll receive a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly invoice (depending on the terms negotiated upon implementation). The invoice will be sent to your preferred email address(es). Payments may be submitted via PayPal, by check or wire transfer.

Planned Outages

We will occasionally schedule brief planned outages during non-peak hours so that we can conduct maintenance on the network. You will receive an advance email notification if the maintenance window will affect any of your services.

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