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Choosing Liferay

CMS, social, and enterprise portals are all vying for position as a one-stop solution, but most only solve one angle: a CMS doesn't typically fit well as a social analogy, and social platforms don't typically work well as a complete CMS. Traditionally, neither is geared for custom development or multi-system integration like a true horizontal portal, which can be difficult to master. Liferay, on the other hand, is built from the ground up as an enterprise-grade integration framework, plus it includes intuitive and easy-to-use CMS, social/collaboration, and document management features, all tightly coupled on the backend and purpose-built for customization anywhere you require it..

With Liferay you get the most flexible customization capabilities of any horizontal enterprise portal framework: while most frameworks limit you to API integration, with Liferay you get the source code and can override any part of the framework to achieve a custom result. That's true, open, flexibility. That's Liferay.

With Liferay you can start lite and get going fast. Use what you need now, and rest assured that your portal can grow to meet your needs as they evolve. Liferay's modular design makes it easy to focus on content and workflow while the framework ensures a fast, secure, cohesive user experience across desktop and mobile.

These days users expect a transparent "access-everywhere" experience across desktop and mobile devices. Liferay's dynamic theme framework supports all platforms and browser formats from a single, client-aware package that provides an excellent mobile device and user experience out-of-the-box.

Features like drag-and-drop content and digital asset management, social interaction, and customizable workflows make it easy for you to create a rich and engaging experience for your audiences. Whether you are starting from scratch to create a new application, or want to mash-up or modernize existing systems, Liferay is the perfect fit with a low barrier to entry and huge headroom for growth.

See a comparison of features for Liferay 7.1 and DXP 7.1.


Omegabit FAQs

Liferay Enterprise-grade Features are Standard

Dynamic layouts and themes: serve desktop and mobile users from one cohesive application.  Liferay's dynamic themes support all devices from a common look and feel and provide an excellent, device sensitive native mobile experience out-of-the-box.

Content Management System (CMS).  Build your website with Liferay's enterprise-grade CMS with a simple WYSIWYG editor, or leverage the full suite of enterprise-grade CMS controls including versioning, scheduled display, custom structures and templates, approval workflows and more.

Document Library & Digital Asset Management. Liferay's Document Library, Digital Resource Management, Digital Asset Management (DL, DRM/DAM), engine provides a sophisticated file storage facility for sharing, change management, searching and previewing digital assets and can be combined with the CMS to create a custom catalog for virtually any purpose. The document library includes version control, WebDAV (desktop) file sharing, video tagging/segmentation and supports custom workflows. Liferay Sync adds native file sharing and offline synchronization for mobile and desktop users.

Social Social Social! Liferay includes feature-rich Forums and Message Boards, Wiki, and Blog engines complete with moderator controls, social equity and rating, flagging, related assets, and auditing.

Drop-in Social Office for instant project/workgroup-style office collaboration: A single Liferay can serve as your secure and private collaboration center that combines the best benefits of services like BaseCamp, Facebook, Google+ and Search, and DropBox, into one cohesive, secure service that is fully portable.

Liferay is drag-and-drop easy. Use all of Liferay's intuitive publishing and other plugin features with ease via a standard browser and drag-and-drop conventions. For seasoned application developers and integrators, Liferay also comes with comprehensive Java programming API, SDK, and IDE tools for complete extensibility. Thanks to Liferay's powerful integration tools, most customizations inherit advanced functionality like caching, db transaction optimization, and Web services with no special rigging. In addition, Liferay provides a top-shelf change management and control methodology that makes it easier to extend, enhance, and maintain your site.  With Liferay you spend more time innovating and less time integrating.

Access to an enormous library of additional plugins. Liferay includes an entire family of free and commercial plugin applications to extend the features and look and feel of the portal to meet your specific needs. Check out the Liferay Marketplace to see what's available now.

Vertical Applications. Liferay provides a wealth of features out-of-the-box, and also serves as an excellent vertical solution for applications like product catalogs, custom business intelligence dashboards and more. A number of turnkey vertical application plugins are available for installation directly from the Liferay Marketplace.

Identity Management integration and Single Sign On (SSO). Liferay supports the broadest variety of directory and SSO engines out-of the box, and can be extended to accommodate any custom IM workflow requirement.

ERP or CRM and proprietary integration-ready. Liferay is designed for comprehensive dashboard and back-end systems-of-record integration with one of the most open and extensible APIs available, and includes complete source code that you can override and control. Liferay includes sophisticated development interfaces for Web services integration and brokerage (JSON, REST, SOAP, CORBA/ORB capable), SSO deep-linking, WSRP and Java Portal Specification portlets (JSR-286),  embedded Flash and AJAX controls and widgets, Velocity and Freemaker templates, Alloy and YahooUI widgets and controls, as well as many other popular standards for distributed application integration, rich UI design, and front-end mash-ups.

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