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Clouds are Not All the Same 

There are many reasons why you should do the research before you host your Liferay installation in a generic cloud. See for yourself why the Omegabit Cloud is different and why it pays to check out any hosting service you plan to use.

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Security & Facilities

Omegabit is a world-class hosting facility designed for global performance, high availability and security. Check out this brief on our facility specs.

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Looking for More from Your Hosting Provider?

Omegabit is more than just a hosting provider. We are your Liferay advocate and provide managed support for your Liferay site(s). Download this brochure for an overview of Omegabit's products & services.

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Professional Services

Omegabit offers a full range of professional services. From DXP (Enterprise Edition) Support to Custom Load Testing, Scaling and Performance Optimization, we can manage it all, saving you time and money.

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Performance & Optimization

Just one of the professional services offered by Omegabit, performance tuning and optimization will help you get the most from your installation.

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