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Hosting Service Level Agreement Summary

This is a summary of our commimtment to you concerning backups, support, and emergency response. For a full copy of our service terms and obligations, please Contact Us.

We support Liferay including the application layer, like no other hosting provider.

Unlike most hosting providers, we manage and support the entire application service layer as well as the OS and network. That means our performance tuning, security hardening, technical support, monitoring and response are comprehensive and applied at every layer of the infrastructure.

Technical Support and Response Times

Our primary support role is to ensure a stable and reliable environment, to monitor for signs of trouble and to provide assistance with issues like plugin deploys and configuration adjustments.  

We monitor for and respond to outages 24x7x365 with a response time of 4hrs or less. Our infrastructure is highly redundant to help protect against unplanned outages at the physical layer, and we will work with you to ensure a similarly stable logical configuration to the best of our abilities. We do not assume responsibility for outages due to customizations or modifications to the system; for example, if a custom plugin causes breakage to the portal, our recommendation will be to uninstall the plugin. 

If a higher level of resilience is required, a clustered configuration is recommended. Contact Us for more information. 

Examples of Limits of Support

Our standard Liferay Hosting Support Includes*:

  • Base installation, configuration, and tuning
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and emergency response
  • Backups and disaster recovery management and execution
    • Comprehensive OS runtime container backups
    • Disaster recovery and recovery rollback to point-in-time snapshots included
  • Assistance with drop-in patches, upgrades and modifications to the runtime environments.
  • Regular OS patching and maintenance administration
    • Periodic log cleanups
    • Server restarts, incremental (minor release) upgrades including non-Liferay automated-patching using OS auto-update facilities
    • Server restarts in the event of unknown issues like unexplained high utilization, atypical behavior necessitating a restart
  • General Liferay support on feature behaviors and "out of the box" configuration settings
  • Troubleshooting and resolving runtime issues

*Note: Additional fees apply to manage changes in a clustered or multi-host configuration, non-standard Liferay configurations, or which require special coordination.  

Examples of work that will typically require additional Professional Services billable time:

  • Ongoing administrative support for sandboxing
  • Advanced change management support
  • Major patching and upgrade support
  • Environment customizations for proprietary operations and functionally
  • Custom performance tuning and optimization, load testing, predictive analysis
  • Identity management integration and support
  • Developer logistics support
  • Architecture and scale planning

Backups & Disaster Recovery

We run incremental backups of all systems multiple times, daily, with continuous offsite archives, and maintain a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure that your data and investment is safe and secure in our highly redundant and fault tolerant, Liferay-optimized private cloud infrastructure.

For more information regarding scope of support, please Contact Us.

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