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Liferay is once again chosen as the
Open Source Leader in
2015 Gartner's Magic Quadrant
for Horizontal Portals.

Choose Liferay EE for:



Enterprise Edition is reliable.

A Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE) is configured for enterprise environments requiring support for redundancy, failover, and load balancing, ensuring maximum uptime for your Liferay portal.



Enterprise Edition is secure.With the use of industry standard, government-grade encryption technologies, Liferay Portal EE is one of the market's most secure portal platforms. Additional security patches are delivered via regular security packs. Liferay adheres to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 recommended best practices.



Enterprise Edition is optimized for performance.Liferay Portal EE is tuned against several major application servers and databases for optimal performance. Liferay Portal EE is custom-configured to meet the speed and scalability needs of large enterprise deployments in production-ready form.



Enterprise Edition is stable.To ensure a stable product for enterprise customers, features are frozen with each version of Liferay Portal EE but kept current with security and bug fixes through fixpacks, eliminating the risk of new defects being introduced by new features. Each Liferay Portal EE service pack is thoroughly tested using additional quality assurance processes to ensure that the product becomes more stable with each release.

Get Liferay Enterprise Edition Here. We're happy to arrange for a trial environment that you can grow into. Contact Us or phone: 877.411.2220; Interntional +001 805-265-5408.

Looking for some information to print or share? Check out our Resources in PDF format.

What is Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE)?

Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition is the commercial version of Liferay's open source portal that is an ideal choice for business, performance, or security critical applications. Liferay EE is designed for mission critical environments and specifically optimized for high performance and large scale implementations. EE is also security hardened and regularly threat tested.  EE patches and unlimited developer licenses are included standard with any purchase.

A Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription is the service that provides direct access to engineering-grade technical support, security and bug hot fixes, training and support tools, and additional features within Liferay. A Liferay Enterprise Support Subscription can easily pay for itself in terms of time-to-production, stability and scale, achieving special customizations and in guaranteeing the most stable and secure Liferay implementation available.

Is the Liferay EE code base different?

Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition offers a more hardened, stable version of Liferay Portal CE that guarantees ongoing long-term support with a combined License and Support Subscription. Liferay Portal EE is delivered to provide the stability and assurance required for enterprise production environments. The Liferay EE APIs and code are functionally similar to CE, but in many cases the EE implementation has been tuned, secured, and optimized for commercial grade performance and stability. CE code will typically work with EE, but it is recommended that customizations be built using the corresponding EE SDK for best results.

Liferay Portal EE is made available under a commercial license. Users benefit from the same high quality features and innovation that result from ten years of valuable user feedback from the community but with added legal protection and guarantees.

Will I have access to the source for Liferay Portal EE?

Yes! A unique key benefit of Liferay EE is that the framework is designed so that most any portion can be extended or over ridden with a "hook" plugin. You get the portal source as part of the developer resources so that you can create your own hooks and other customizations. And, since you have complete visibility into the entire portal code base, you are not limited to standard API methods to achieve a special result.

Peace of Mind with Liferay EE

A Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription is the best way for demanding enterprises to take advantage of Liferay's market-leading innovation with the reduced risk exposure and long-term stability of professionally supported software. Your Enterprise subscription entitles you to regular service packs, a commercial service level agreement, and much more.

We can help you save. 

Our real-world experience with Liferay Enterprise Edition (EE), tells us EE can scale 3 to 5 times better than Community Edition (CE), and has added security benefits that can be crucial to liability, protection, and peace of mind. EE is licensed based on footprint size. Choices like horizontal vs. vertical scaling can make a difference in total cost of ownership (TCO). Our tuning and optimization strategies help to maximize your EE licensing dollars by getting the most out of your license. We help you choose correctly to right-size your footprint to meet your needs. Ask how hosting in our managed infrastructure may provide additional tax benefits and savings.

We provide Tier I Enterprise Edition Support to our customers directly. 

Don't get stuck being the middle-man when there are issues. As your tier-I provider, we own the problem and help to trap and resolve it directly with Liferay on your behalf. No punting, no excuses.

With Enterprise Edition you get:

  • Reduced risk exposure
  • Long-term stability
  • Professionally supported software
  • Regular service packs
  • A commercial level service agreement
  • Support for redundancy, failover and load-balancing
  • Government-grade encryption technologies
  • Meets speed and scalability needs

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